Intruder alarm

The risk

82,000 break-ins take place every year in Belgium, i.e. one every six minutes! A burglary isn’t something harmless as it will generally leave victims traumatised and in need of time to recover and heal. Particularly when it involves aggression or wreckage of the home as is, unfortunately, often the case.

Although available, the police finds itself helpless when faced with this type of crime, wrongly called “petty”, to such extent it has become commonplace.

To gather finger prints and other clues turns out useful only if the perpetrators are already on police files. In other words: it is unlikely that the stolen property or goods will one day be recovered.

The need to protect oneself from this

Whether you’re a private individual, a self-employed person or a company, it’s best to avoid unpleasant surprises. To protect oneself is possible, provided one makes the effort to consider and anticipate this kind of offence.

What should be done? Reinforce doors and windows? It’s certainly an option, though it quickly becomes expensive and yet it is not always adequate. The installation of an electronic intruder alarm system will offer you an efficient solution, and for a more than reasonable budget.

It’s true that there are many alarm systems on the market. Some are easy to install and cheap, but often turn out to be inefficient. Others, more expensive, are complex to set up for non-professionals.

Calling C&Cure will enable you to find your way among the many offers and enjoy made to measure protection. Indeed, our business is approved by insurance companies (UPEA – INCERT) for all levels of risk.


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